Thrill seekers

Take a seat on Florida’s wildest rides and prepare to gasp, plunge, splash and scream. You’ll sprint as fast as a cheetah, plunge towards the earth like a falcon and chase your prey like a shark…we suggest you hold on tight!

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Iron Gwazi

North America’s tallest hybrid, and the fastest, steepest hybrid coaster in the world - opening 2020

Ice Breaker

SeaWorld's first launch coaster - opening 2020

Riptide Race

Florida’s first-ever duelling water slide - opening 2020!

KareKare Curl

Take a ride up a huge vertical wave wall at Aquatica

Ray Rush

Make a splash on this family raft ride at Aquatica


Come face-to-face with Florida's tallest launch coaster at Busch Gardens

Infinity Falls

Take the plunge down the world's tallest river rapid drop at SeaWorld


Experience Orlando's tallest, fastest, longest and only hypercoaster at SeaWorld


Make like a ray and travel head-first, face-down at SeaWorld


Take to the skies on Florida's only floorless coaster at SeaWorld

Journey to Atlantis

Prepare to get drenched theme park style at SeaWorld

Cobra's Curse

Go for a spin on Florida's first family spin coaster at Busch Gardens

Falcon's Fury

Plunge down North America's tallest free-standing drop tower at Busch Gardens

Cheetah Hunt

Race at the speed of a cheetah at Busch Gardens

Ihu's Breakaway Falls

Feel the rush on Orlando's steepest multi-drop tower at Aquatica

Taumata Racer

Race your friends and family down a huge slide at Aquatica

Dolphin Plunge

Race alongside a pod of Commerson's dolphins at Aquatica

Omaka Rocka

Spin, slide and splash at Aquatica


Take on North America's first dive coaster at Busch Gardens

Tassie's Twisters

Spin, spin and spin your way around this giant bowl at Aquatica


Flip upside down seven times at Busch Gardens


Experience one of the world's largest vertical loops at Busch Gardens

Stanley Falls

Get soaked on this log flume ride at Busch Gardens

Congo River Rapids

Get absolutely soaked along the rapids at Busch Gardens


Dive into a 360 degree spiral at Busch Gardens

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Falcon's Fury is by far one of the best drop rides I've ever experienced

Thrill seekers itinerary

On arrival

Beat the crowds and head straight to Infinity Falls where you’ll journey through drenching waterfalls and plummet down the world’s tallest river rapid drop. Hold on tight!!

In the morning

Can you think of a better way to dry off than surging through the sky at 73mph?! You’ll feel the power and grace of the Mako shark on this impressive hypercoaster. Look down if you dare!

For lunch

Reward your bravery with fine dining and fascinating views at our full-service restaurant, Sharks Underwater Grill. Sitting this close to sharks will make for a very thrilling meal!

In the afternoon

It’s time to spin, glide, skim and fly like a giant ray on Manta. The ride might be smooth but the head-first, face-down inverted nosedive will definitely have you screaming.

Wrap up the day

Would a day at SeaWorld be complete without climbing aboard Kraken? This fan favourite will see you turn upside down an incredible seven times!! We bet you’ll spend the whole evening recounting these Orlando giants!

On arrival

It might be a family ride but Ray Rush still has plenty of thrills. We don’t blame you if you want to close your eyes when you see how high you’re sliding on the ginormous ray’s wings.

In the morning

What’s more exhilarating than a high-speed competitive mat race against your friends? Visit Taumata Racer where you reach the finish line via a 300 foot hill; but before you get there…you’ll speed in and out of tunnels and shoot around a 360 degree turn…

For lunch

If you’re getting hungry, make sure you stop by one of the three eateries at Aquatica. Why not take your food to go and enjoy it on the beautiful white sand beach?

In the afternoon

Face your fear and each other on Ihu’s Breakaway Falls. As you stand in the breakaway boxes 80 feet up, you don’t know who’s going to drop first, all you know is it’s going to be one wild ride down!

Wrap up your day

Your day wouldn’t be complete without a trip down Roa’s Rapids. This is an all-action river ride along 1,500 feet of rapids, roaring high seas, geysers and waterfalls – if you don’t think that sounds thrilling enough, it’s three to four times faster than your average waterpark river.

On arrival

Start your day by getting in a spin on Florida’s first family spin coaster, Cobra’s Curse. Your pulse will be racing as soon as you join the queue when you realise that you’re just inches away from Jameson’s mambas, Angolan pythons, rhinoceros and gaboon vipers.

In the morning

Once your head has stopped spinning, take the short walk to Cheetah Hunt which is the parks longest thrill ride! You’ll feel the speed, power and agility of the fastest land animal as you’re launched through the sky.

For lunch

After a busy morning, it’s time to re-fuel at Dragon Fire Grill & Pub. Take your pick from Italian, American, Mexican and Asian cuisine.

In the afternoon

Ready to scream some more? It’s time to take to the skies on Falcon’s Fury. You’ll be lifted to 335 feet in the air; if you think that’s scary, wait until the ride pivots you into a face-down position, before plunging you towards the ground below! With more coasters than any other park in Florida, the thrills continue all afternoon long at Busch Gardens.

Wrap up the day

Time for one more ride? You’ll feel the rush on Montu, one of the tallest and longest inverted rollercoasters in the world. Challenge yourself to seven intense inversions, a unique Batwing inversion and an Immelmann loop…not sure what these are? You will after braving Montu!

On arrival

Prepare to be thrilled in complete luxury! Your entire day is on an all-inclusive basis, so make sure you arrive early to take advantage of the delicious breakfast on offer at Laguna Grill.

Now you’re fed and watered. How about feeding some feathery friends? Head to Explorer’s Aviary where exotic birds will land on you, and feed right out of your hand.

In the morning

There is nothing more thrilling than getting up-close to nature and incredible animals. The highlight of your visit to Discovery Cove will be when you wade into Dolphin Lagoon and come nose to nose with a beautiful bottlenose dolphin. You’ll get the chance to kiss, hug and swim with your new friend!

For lunch

Lunch is served at Lagana Grill from 11:15am. If you get peckish during the day, there are lots of snack cabanas dotted around, where you can help yourself to food and drinks, including beer and cocktails.

Why not grab a refreshing drink and sit in the Relaxation Station in Freshwater Oasis?

In the afternoon

For the ultimate thrill, make sure you book SeaVenture. Don dive helmets and walk along the bottom of The Grand Reef, where you’ll find up-close excitement around every corner. You’ll come across sharks (safely behind massive panoramic windows) and have one-on-one touches with unique animals whilst schools of fish and gentle rays swim by.

Wrap up the day

Snorkel through The Grand Reef which spans over 2.5 acres, and features multiple levels of exploration, from paddling in tranquil shallow waters to deep diving adventures into a tropical sunken world teeming with sea life!

Includes unlimited free parking

The best things in life are three! Enjoy unlimited admission to SeaWorld, Aquatica and Busch Gardens for two whole weeks with our 3 for 2 Ticket. That’s three great parks for one low price, and even more adventures for your family to enjoy. Experience world-famous rides like Infinity Falls, Tigris and KareKare Curl. Make sure you don’t miss a moment of what the parks have to offer – and we’ve even thrown in free parking, for stress-free adventuring.

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Swim with dolphins

Experience an unforgettable day at Discovery Cove with our all-inclusive package. Come up close and personal with the ocean's most-loved creatures by swimming with dolphins and snorkelling amongst tropical fish and rays. As well as your Discovery Cove experience, make more memories and enjoy more adventures with unlimited 14-day admission to SeaWorld, Aquatica and Busch Gardens, plus free unlimited parking.

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