07 Nov 2019

I have had the pleasure of seeing the one ocean show numerous times over my last two visits to Florida. In this day and age when their is a huge pressure on parks to stop their animals performing I want to say a huge thanks to seaworld. As i said i have seen this show at least 6 times now and the love between animals and trainers has always been clear to see. However, this has never been so obvious to see as it was during my April trip. One of the orcas had sadly passed away despite the efforts of the team. Their loss was never advertised to the public during the show, the trainers all sat quietly under the large screen supporting each other through what must have been a very difficult display and held each others hands as their colleagues continued the display advising of the beauty of these animals,their training programmes, conservation efforts. This is a fun, educational and informative show which myself and my family thouroughly enjoyed and i really hope in the future i get the chance of taking my children too