Fantastic value for money

23 Nov 2017

Holidays can be expensive at the best of times, but theme parks can be more expensive than other attractions, they have a captive audiance so can charge what they like. At Seaworld you have the option to purchase all day dining in addition to your ticket, and what a brilliant idea it is to add it on.

We traveled with 3 adults and a very hungry 12 year old, it was a very hot day so frequent stops during the day were need and the ability to stop at such a wide range of restaurants and eat or just snack was great. You can go to these restaurants once an hour to get drinks, a meal or just snacks.

The add on to your ticket is only $30 per admission and if you added up the individual prices of purchasing all the items we did in one day it would of been at least $60/75 each. It was well worth the extra money for a hassel free day of not having to carry bags of food and bottles of water and tjere is such a range of outlets to eat in.