A fabulous experience

26 Jun 2017

Our family visited back in May 2017 and one of the many highlights was to see the orcas- we came fully prepared to sit in the splash zone with ponchos etc....... we were not disappointed, the whole experience was truly awesome! The bond between animals and trainers was absolutely magical, and breathtaking to witness. I am aware of some critics making comments about captivity and wild creatures but the essential conservation work, the knowledge and understanding you have and still are doing is absolutely essential to enable the survival of not only the Orcas but all other marine creatures. Excellent experience by very devoted people that love their animals working to ensure the survival of the oceans and the life they support.....please keep going do not diminish your efforts - Thankyou from the Leese family in the U.K. Our 3 yr old Megan was in awe of the whole experience!!