Feather Weight Or Heavy Weight? New-Born Penguin Chicks Get Weighed In At SeaWorld Orlando

06 Jan 2015

Eight penguin chicks have recently hatched at Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin at SeaWorld Orlando. The penguin chicks are all healthy and growing rapidly, currently weighing between 510 grams and just one kilogram – around the same as one or two loafs of bread.

The SeaWorld Aviculture Team weighs the chicks every other day to monitor for healthy weight gain. A special fish-based formula is also fed to specific chicks to ensure they receive all the proper nutrients and maintain a healthy weight.

The penguin chicks hatched at Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin, SeaWorld Orlando’s newest attraction that features a colony of more than 250 penguins from four species – king, Adelie, gentoo and rockhopper. Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin transports guests into the icy world of the penguin like never before.  Guests experience the mysterious land through the penguins’ eyes on a first-of-its-kind family ride, connect with a colony above and below the water, and are inspired to make a difference.

Watch video here