Animal lovers

Get as close to the wild as you dare! See the world through the eyes of incredible animals, and then come face-to-face with them. Waddle amongst penguins, swim with dolphins or head out on an African safari.

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Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin

Explore a colony of more than 250 penguins at SeaWorld

Manatee Rehabilitation Area

Come and meet the manatees being nursed back to full health at SeaWorld

Dolphin Lagoon

Swim with a beautiful bottlenose dolphin at Discovery Cove

The Grand Reef

Snorkel amongst rays and tropical fish at Discovery Cove

Dolphin Plunge

Race alongside a pod of Commerson's dolphins at Aquatica

Loggerhead Lane

Float down this lazy river and see tropical fish and Commerson's dolphins at Aquatica

Freshwater Oasis

Relax and unwind with otters and marmosets at Discovery Cove

Explorer's Aviary

Hand-feed hundreds of exotic birds at Discovery Cove


Meet the rescued sea turtles and hear their stories at SeaWorld

Wild Arctic

Discover walruses, beluga whales and harbour seals at SeaWorld

Orca Encounter

Be left wonderstruck by magnificent killer whales at SeaWorld

Dolphin Days

Watch Atlantic bottlenose dolphins and tropical macaws at SeaWorld

Sea Lion High: The New Class

Laugh out loud to this comedy show at SeaWorld


Home to Bengal tigers and orangutans at Busch Gardens

Pets Ahoy

Be wowed by dogs, cats, ducks, doves, rats, skunks and potbellied pigs at SeaWorld

Serengeti Express Train

See free-roaming herds of giraffes, zebras, antelope and even the odd ostrich at Busch Gardens

Edge of Africa

Find the hippos, lions and crocodiles at Busch Gardens

Bird Gardens

Walk through a free-flight aviary at Busch Gardens

Dolphin Cove

Watch a playful group of dolphins above and below the water at SeaWorld

Dolphin Nursery

Meet our new born dolphins at SeaWorld

Stingray Lagoon

Watch and feed the friendly stingrays at SeaWorld

Lory Landing

Meet lorikeets, hornbills and pheasants at Busch Gardens

Pacific Point Preserve

Meet California sea lions and harbour seals at SeaWorld

Myombe Reserve

Discover lowland gorillas and cheeky chimpanzees at Busch Gardens

Shark Encounter

Surround yourself with prehistoric predators at SeaWorld

Animal Care Center

Observe nutrition to treatments, X-rays to surgeries at Busch Gardens

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The orcas are phenomenal and the work your company and staff carry out as a whole is great

Animal lovers itinerary

On arrival

If you’re in the mood to laugh out loud, head to Pacific Point Preserve, where you’ll meet some of our more vocal residents. Sea lions and seals are fantastic characters and will keep you entertained with their antics. You can even get a chance to feed these famously fun animals.

In the morning

It’s time to say goodbye to the sea lions and hello to the manatees. At the Manatee Rehabilitation Area you can meet the manatees undergoing rehabilitation so that they can be returned to the wild in full health.

For lunch

Enjoy Orlando’s most immersive and memorable family dining experience – Dine with Orcas. You will get a special up-close view into the relationships between our animal care specialists and killer whales as you discover more about their unique characteristics.

In the afternoon

Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin is home to over 250 penguins and mimics the freezing, snowy conditions of the fascinating South Pole. It might be worth packing a light jacket as this habitat is -1°C, just the way the penguins like it.

Wrap up the day

End your day at Shark Encounter. You’ll be completely surrounded by these prehistoric predators – are you brave enough to take the walk along this underwater tunnel?

On arrival

You’ll find the hundreds of colourful birds are extremely pleased to see you first thing in the morning at Explorer’s Avairy. Hold out a handful of seeds and fruit and watch as the birds flutter down to meet you.

In the morning

What could be more memorable than swimming with a dolphin? It is a truly wonderful experience. Make sure you arrive early at Discovery Cove to secure your swim time (they’re allocated on a first come, first served basis).

For lunch

Your day at Discovery Cove is all-inclusive, so help yourself to the food and drink at Laguna Grill and at the cabanas around the park. Take your food to North Beach and watch the other families enjoying their dolphin interactions.

In the afternoon

Grab a snorkel and mask and head to The Grand Reef. Play hide and seek with thousands of colourful fish and velvety rays. You’ll even get the chance to come face to face with sharks!! Don’t worry though, they’re behind glass.

Wrap up the day

Are you ready to make another splash? Jump straight into Freshwater Oasis and wade, wander and float along a water-filled trail. You’ll come across otters and marmosets during your journey.

On arrival

Climb aboard the Busch Gardens Shuttle Express which will pick you up and drop you off at the unmissable Busch Gardens. As you trek through an abandoned fishing village on the Edge of Africa. You’ll encounter exotic African animals such as hippos, lions, hyenas, meerkats and crocodiles. Check your park map for feeding times!

In the morning

If you’re looking to make your day extra special, pre-book the Serengeti Safari. Climb aboard an open back truck and get a unique view of the Serengeti Plain. Your knowledgeable tour guide will introduce many animals to you including zebras, rhinos and ostriches. Then, grab hold of some lettuce leaves and hand-feed the giraffes!

For lunch

It’s time to grab some lunch! Make your way to Serengeti Overlook Restaurant & Pub where you can enjoy a delicious meal and well deserved drink with a fantastic view over the Serengeti Plain.

In the afternoon

You’re in for a real treat when you enter the Animal Care Center! Our on-site veterinarians conduct treatments, x-rays and surgeries in guest view in this state-of-the-art facility.

Wrap up the day

You’ll find yourself within inches of some of the world’s rarest and least glimpsed species at Jungala.

After seeing the tigers taking a dip in their plunge pool, little ones can cool off in a water-play area. Bigger kids can get inspired by the orangutans and go climbing nets, bridges, crawl tubes and a multi-level maze.

In the morning

Catch a glimpse of the Commerson’s dolphins swimming beside you on Dolphin Plunge. Although small in size, compared to other dolphins, Commerson’s are very swift and distinct due to their black and white markings.

For lunch

If you’re getting hungry, stop by one of the parks restuarants. Banana Beach Cookout offers tasty BBQ food. You can grab a sandwich, salad or snack to go at Mango Market. If you fancy a burger and delicious dessert, head to Waterstone Grill.

Don’t forget, if you’ve purchased the All-Day Dining Deal, you can visit all three as often as once an hour, all day!

In the afternoon

Take a load off your feet and hop on a lazy river ride down Loggerhead Lane. You’ll be taken through an underwater world of tropical fish and Commerson’s dolphins.

Includes unlimited free parking

The best things in life are three! Enjoy unlimited admission to SeaWorld, Aquatica and Busch Gardens for two whole weeks with our 3 for 2 Ticket. That’s three great parks for one low price, and even more adventures for your family to enjoy. Experience world-famous rides like Infinity Falls, Tigris and KareKare Curl. Make sure you don’t miss a moment of what the parks have to offer – and we’ve even thrown in free parking, for stress-free adventuring.

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Swim with dolphins

Experience an unforgettable day at Discovery Cove with our all-inclusive package. Come up close and personal with the ocean's most-loved creatures by swimming with dolphins and snorkelling amongst tropical fish and rays. As well as your Discovery Cove experience, make more memories and enjoy more adventures with unlimited 14-day admission to SeaWorld, Aquatica and Busch Gardens, plus free unlimited parking.

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