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Stalk and chase your prey through a sunken shipwreck, your perfect hunting ground. As one of the fastest sharks in the ocean: you dive deep, turn sharply and soar upwards so suddenly that you float right out of your seat in moments of total weightlessness… Thrill-seekers look no further than this record-breaking hypercoaster.

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At a Glance

Type: Hypercoaster

Height: 200ft

Speed: 73mph

Length: 4,760ft

Inspiration: The super-speedy Mako shark

Height to ride: 54” or taller

Mako is Orlando’s only hypercoaster!

Top Tips

If you want the best views over Orlando, head to the front of the ride!

You’ll experience nine perfect moments of airtime or feelings of “weightlessness”.

Mako is at the center of Shark Wreck Reef, a two-acre realm that mimics an underwater shipwreck.

After the ride, check out Shark Encounter and Sharks Underwater Grill.

Jump to the front of the queue as many times as you like with Quick Queue Unlimited.

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