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Beneath a canopy of lush green foliage and surrounded by towering trees you’ll find a raft to board. Journey past drenching waterfalls to unearth the secrets of this lost rainforest river. You’d better hold on tight, because those roaring rapids might just send you plummeting over a huge drop into the churning white-water below. Would you expect anything less from the world’s tallest river rapid drop?

Your adventure ends at Harmony Village with a greater connection to the world’s rivers, inspired to spread the message of conservation.

At a glance Top Tips

At a Glance

Type: River rapid ride

Drop: 40ft

Inspiration: The rainforests of South America

Height to ride: 42” or taller

Experience the world’s tallest river rapid drop

Top Tips

8 adventurers fit in each raft.

Explore the newly themed rainforest area surrounding the ride.

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