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Latest reviews and photos for A'lure, The Call Of The Ocean at SeaWorld

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A'lure, The Call Of The Ocean at SeaWorld

Rated : 4/5

Great show!

My family and I really love this show, its memorising and so well done! Just when you think SeaWorld and Busch Gardens can't possibly come up with more shows, they pull it out the hat again and again. These shows really are incredible and the talent of the actors and actresses is amazing!

By: TCBDan | 12/04/2013

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A'lure, The Call Of The Ocean at SeaWorld

Rated : 3/5

Helpful park

As a family we found Seaworld to be the most accomodating park, should a misfortune occur. My husband has his wallet containing $300 +,all park tickets & credit cards stolen about the Jurassic Park attraction in Universal. Seaworld kindly replaced our tickets for 6 of us for the next visit as it was the 1st park where FLEXI TICKETS were scanned.. Congratulations to Seaworld Parks for handling a difficult situation with sensitivity. They were not even the park where the theft happened & at the end of our trip an emptied wallet was retrieved by Universal cleaners however only Seaworld reissued tickets as we could not make much use of any at that upsetting time. Flexi pass & Disney Tickets & inspite of proof of purchase not much help was given by them at the time. We all love Seaworld & there is something there for us ''oldies'' as we love animals of all kinds; our sons & partners love the Mantra, Kraken & Atlantis & now we have grandsons we are back where we started 23 years ago at the kids play areas. We love your wonderful city & all the parks, sunshine, not forgetting the shopping! Looking forward to next year.

By: Gilldash | 18/10/2012

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A'lure, The Call Of The Ocean at SeaWorld

Rated : 5/5

alluring acrobatics

An often overlooked attraction. I love this show. Acrobatics of amazing skill in an aquatic themed show displaying amazing feats of human strength and endurance. Its amazing what the human body is capable of. Do not miss! Top-tip A lovely way to relax after a long day in the park, relax and enjoy!

By: princesssianne | 20/09/2010

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