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Dolphin Lagoon at Discovery Cove

Rated : 4/5

Amazing Experience to swim with the Dolphins

Discovery Cove is the most magical place I have ever seen. However, after two years of waiting on the day we went at 1 p.m there was torrential rain and thunder. Everything was closed down and we were told to go inside. It lasted all afternoon. We did get to swim with the Dolphins Latoya and Yoko but most of Discovery Cove we didn't see. We never got to the fresh water Oasis or the tropical birds. On returning home we also discovered that the last 10 minutes of our video was missing and that was the bit with myself and my sister on. Discovery Cove were very good and rang me all the way back to the UK but said that they no longer had the original DVD. They have given us 3 lifelong free passes to return. Unfortunately, it was a once in a lifetime holiday and will not be repeated. Weather permitting though Discovery Cove is worth every $.

By: sandy54 | 06/02/2014

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Shamu Show at SeaWorld

Rated : 5/5

A life changing experience.

After waiting for my entire life, this summer, my boyfriend treated me to a trip to Florida, so that I could finally meet all of your beautiful Killer Whales, and it surpassed every dream and expectation I could have imagined. One ocean is such a beautiful show, and really reminded me of how important it is for us to care for the beautiful creatures that live in our oceans. The best part of our trip was getting to see Trua and Tilikum bonding in the underwater viewing area, seaworld brings families together both above and under the water, and it was so touching to see.

By: Ksmarine | 25/08/2013

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Journey To Atlantis at SeaWorld

Rated : 5/5

Absolutely enchanting

I've been to Florida a few times and each time I have been there......this has ALWAYS been my favourite ride. It's just hauntingly beautiful and truthfully for me Florida wouldn't be Florida without this ride. I am SO looking forward to going on this ride next week....ahhhh!! :D

By: Disneygeek | 19/08/2013

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Kraken at SeaWorld

Rated : 3/5


so amazing i love it when you get to the top then it goes down the ramp and then drops and when you go underground amazing !!!!!!!

By: Benblue2 | 02/08/2013

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Shamu Show at SeaWorld

Rated : 3/5


the show was very entertaining with a small touch of giving their show and appreciation for not onyl the us armed forces but for any military person around the world.

By: pierce27 | 10/07/2013

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