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Wild Arctic Exhibit

Rated 4/5

Explore a frozen wonderland of ice and Arctic animals. Meet our extraordinary beluga whales and colossal walruses!



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The Wild Arctic

Rated 5/5

What a thrilling adventure, that takes you back to the arctic with all the animals. I highly recommend this attraction as it truly something you can not miss.


It's A Bumpy Ride

Rated 3/5

The simulator helicopter ride that "takes" you to the animal exhibit can be quite bumpy. But if you prefer there is a non simulator version. This may also be better for you if you suffer from motion sickness. Plus the rides for the non simulator version are shorter. Once in the animal exhibit you can walk through at your own pace. The Polar Bear is the highlight for us. Unfortunately when we visit he's always asleep. I guess he thinks we're boring company ;) We live in hope that one day he might be awake for us. Maybe next year....

Ariel's Mum21/09/2010

Its worth the wait just to see the polar bear!

Rated 3/5

This attraction is in two parts - the first part is a short film, and the second part is a series of walk through exhibits and animal enclosures. The film can either be viewed as a normal film (i.e. on stationery bleachers) or in a simulator. I have never done the simulator version though, as the line has always been much longer than the normal version line, and the film isnt critical to the attraction anyway, and is a bit of a waste of time. (It may be different in the simulator version, but as i say, i have never tried that way) The best part is after the film, when you are in the animal exhibits. The best enclosure is the polar bear enclosure. It provides guests a rare opportunity to see a Polar Bear up close (behind glass of course) and personal. The polar bear enclosure is another highlight of the park for me. I have been lucky enough to watch the polar bear playing with one of his toys, and i could have stayed and watched it for hours. When i visited a few weeks ago, during my Orlando Vacation in August 2010, the polar bear was right up against the glass - i doubt i will ever get that close to a polar bear again! Beware though, the enclosure is usually surrounded by throngs of people trying to take photographs.....unless you want to elbow your way in, or wait for hours, dont even try to get close to the window if the bear is right on the other side. Also beware of selfish parents who let their children stand right in front of the window the whole time, blocking other peoples view entirely. Another good enclosure in here is the walrus enclosure. It is an underwater viewing area, and you can often spot a walrus or two having a swim about. I wouldnt like to be faced with those tusks on a dark night!!


Frozen wonderland

Rated 4/5

The simulator helicopter ride is awesome, if somewhat bumpy! Enjoyed by all and we didn't want to get off! But when we did...another winter wonderland awaited us. The polar bear is massive and breathtaking in his glory, and the penguins are soooo cute! Throw in a little slice of information and education and it makes this attraction well worth a visit for all ages.



Rated 5/5

I was lucky enough to take part in the Beluga whale interaction program during my recent vacation to Florida from the UK. This experience has touched my life and is something I will never forget. All the staff and trainers were wonderful and meeting the Beluga's and learning about their world was the most awe inspiring thing I have taken part in. This is a must for anyone visiting Seaworld.


Bear Necessities

Rated 4/5

I've often wondered if the Polar Bear is lonely in his large but solitary enclosure. So I asked one of the knowledgable keepers if she could enlighten me. She explained that in the Wild Polar Bears live alone, that is their natural way. The only time you will see Polar Bears together is at their mating time or if a mother has cubs. Seaworld apparently has a number of Polar Bears but they would fight if enclosed together as it is against their nature to be together. So don't worry they're happy to be on their own and not lonely at all.


Beluga Interaction

Rated 5/5

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! This review need say no more! A fabulously intimate experience with one of the most beautiful mammals I have ever seen. Our personal Beluga was the youngest, Maple. She was very cheeky and when she had splashed us, we were close enough to see the cheeky glint in her eye! It makes you feel very privileged to be invited into their world and I would do this again at the drop of a hat!


Walrus exhibit appears small

Rated 3/5

Wild Artic has excellent theming and its fabulous to see all the animals in what appears to be their natural habitat (if you get me). The only thing that spoilt the experience was watching the Walrus swimming around and around in a continuous loop in what appeared to be a tiny enclosure to the size of this impressive mammal. Obviously i don't know what the actual size of the tank is nor do i know what facilities there is behind the scenes but i know i wasn't the only visitor who made comment about this issue and how it upset them. Otherwise a great attraction.


a wild ride!

Rated 5/5

what better way to get to a true winter wonderland than to ride on this motion based flight, it really feels lke you have been transported to another land! We marvelled at snow and klondike, and couldent believe we got that close to polar Florida of all places! Add to that beluga whales, walruses and more and your on to a sure winner. Can get quite chilly if your inside for a while so take a light jacket or cardigan if you have one.


Such a fun experience!

Rated 5/5

The whole Arctic attraction is so much fun, it truly is amazing to see polar bears, beluga whales and walruses! The ride is so good, a safe simulator ride as some other people have said, but really does feel like your flying! Another great thing about Antarctica is that if you want a break from the lovely Florida sun, this an awesome place to cool down!