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Sky Tower

Rated 4/5

One of the all-time great iconic landmarks since the park was built in 1973. Take a slowly rotating capsule climb of 400ft to take in the whole of SeaWorld. 

Height Requirement: You must be at least 4ft tall to ride the SkyTower. Guests less than 4ft tall and hand-held infants are permitted to ride with a supervising companion (aged 14 years or older).


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Sky High!!!!!!

Rated 4/5

Although you have to pay a small fee to go on the Sky Tower it is well worth it. You get to see Seaworld from a different angle..... and Orlando as well, you can see for miles. You are seated so don't get that feeling of being up high. It's a nice smooth ride with very informative commentary. Well worth a try.


Wish It Was Operating More

Rated 3/5

Not really sure why but almost every time we have been at Sea World recently the sky Tower has not been operating. This is a real shame as it's a great place to take a break from the heat and enjoy fab views out across Sea World and Orlando beyond. If it's working when you're there, you should try it.

Ariel's Mum21/09/2010

Great view

Rated 5/5

Wonderful views of SeaWorld and beyond, definitely worth the queue.


To the Top of the World, Well Sea World Anyway!

Rated 4/5

Finally got to ride this on a our last visit and so worth the wait. Spectacular views over SW and Discovery Cove over the way as well as the surrounding landscape. Great photo opportunity.


Great view - a must ride !

Rated 3/5

A great ride enjoyed by all four of us, allowing us to view the park and for miles beyond.


aerial views

Rated 4/5

if you get chance take a trip up the sky tower, it gives you some wonderful views of the park, and unique photo opportunities.



Rated 5/5

Its true, you really do get to see the whole of SeaWorld and beyond, the view is wonderful! Me and my family went on this with a slightly nervous, scared of heights Dad, but its so secure and feels so safe you can all relax and just take in the view. Great for getting some photos of wonderful Florida!


Fabulous views

Rated 5/5

The Sky Tower ride has fabulous views over all of Seaworld.