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Shamu's Happy Harbor

Rated 4/5

A children’s paradise! There are more things to ride, climb, slide and play on than any little imagination can dream of. They won’t know where to start the fun – Jazzy Jellies, Swishy Fishies, Ocean Commotion, Sea Carousel or the Flying Fiddler? And although it’s just for kids, jealous parents can ride The Shamu Express too!

Height Requirements: Must be a minimum of 3ft 5ins for Jazzy Jellies, Swishy Fishies, Ocean Commotion and Sea Carousel. Must be a minimum of 3ft 2ins for The Shamu Express. Guests under 3ft 5ins tall must be accompanied by a supervising companion (aged 14 years or older).


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Great Fun For Wee Ones

Rated 5/5

This is a fantastic area to let your wee ones run off some steam and allow them to play on rides that are just their size. The Shamu coaster was a favourite of my kids when they were younger. My hubby and I sat in the son with a nice cold drink while the kids ran on the Shamu Coaster time and time again. A must do for younger kids.

Ariel's Mum21/09/2010

Don't forget to include this!

Rated 5/5

If you have children it is worth including this in your planned day out. We went during the busy Spring Vacation time and this corner of the park was blissfully quiet. It gave the children a chance to run around; climb and jump; whilst it gave us adults a chance to sit down and watch them. It's a great play area!


for kids of all ages!

Rated 5/5

Remember to bring the kids swimsuits or a change of clothes and let them cool off in this swimmingly great themed area! There is something for everyone including several rides that are superb for both the little ones and us big kids who dont do coasters! Dont forget a go on the steel drums too! My two could happily stay there all day. Happy harbour = happy kids = happy parents :-)


baby central

Rated 5/5

Dont forget that tis area has a baby centre for all your little ones needs. Really useful!!!


Wet Enough yet !

Rated 5/5

This part of Seaworld was fun for all , we had a range of ages in our party from 2 - 36 and everybody had fun here getting wet in the water park bit, then drying off on the Shamu coaster whooshing through the turns and twists, fun for all ages and where the adult in you becomes a big kid again


Kids of all ages!

Rated 5/5

I remember playing here as a little kid, and now Shamu's Happy Harbour is perfect for my little sister, (and I'm not ashamed to say, my parents and I as well!) Its such a great place to visit for children, try not to miss it on your trip to SeaWorld. The Shamu coaster was a favourite, with my sister going on many times over!


Shamu's Happy Harbour Review

Rated 5/5

The Kids will Love this place it has absolutly everything for them from Wet Play area which is great for them to cool off, a giant climb and play area where adults can go on to if your brave enough not forgetting all the mini rides which our kids loved.


Fun for the kids, rest for the adults!

Rated 5/5

This area is a firm favourite for my family. While the kids can run from ride to ride, the toddlers can play happily with bucket and spade in the sand, and the adults get a couple of minutes to sit and enjoy the break!! My young nieces love the Shamu Express coaster, while my nephews love exploring in the giant climbing section.

Jo Lloyd15/09/2010

Great adult time out!

Rated 4/5

This place gives a great chance for the adults in the party to have a rest while the kids let off some steam!


Ideal for Little Ones

Rated 5/5

This place is the absolute best for little ones. I am sorry I didn't go there earlier in the day with my 4 year old as I didn't realise how much stuff there was there for the kids to enjoy. My daughters particular favourite was the sea carousel.