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Shamu Show

Rated 4/5

Dive into One Ocean, the energetic and exciting Shamu show, set to inspire and educate. Dancing fountains set the stage as you connect with these remarkable animals and learn about the importance of protecting the ocean, and the sea creatures within it. 



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Rated 3/5

The Shamu show was out of this world!!! I could watch it over & over again! The theme of "Believe" is so appropriate, it makes you believe in yourself & shows you respect for animals. It was fantastic to see these beautiful giant creatures do such amazing things. My son loved the taking part in getting soaked in the splash zone!! Would def recommend!


Come Take Your Place!!!

Rated 5/5

From start to finish this is one show I have a tears in my eyes. From saluting the Armed forces to the finale of the whales wetting everyone in the 'Splash Zone'.(Thank God for Sunglasses!!!!!!) I just love Believe with or without the trainers in the water. To see these beautiful mammals doing their tricks for the trainers they obviously love is a pure joy!!!!


Believe was unbelievable

Rated 3/5

Never imagined what could a Whale do. How could you train it!!. Amazing!


Believe Shamu show

Rated 5/5

What a amazing show! The whales and trainers are fantastic! A very emotional and exciting show which inspires you greatly! Incredible!


Once in a life time experiece

Rated 5/5

This show was the best show i have seen ever with out a shadow of a doubt. The music, the scenery in line with the whales was my highlight of the holiday. In fact we went back a second time to watch it because we could not believe it the first time


Not as Good as it used to be.

Rated 3/5

Believe used to be the big crowd puller of the park, but since the tragic events of earlier this year, the trainers have not been allowed in the water with the Orcas. This is understandable, but it has had a huge impact on the effect of the show, and the show is now severely lacking the magic. The orcas still perform amazingly though - and the Soak Zone is called the SOAK zone for a reason! (Dont sit there unless you are prepared to feel like youve been flushed down a toilet!...on second thoughts, do - its hilarious for the rest of the audience!!!) Believe also has a very emotion storyline....particularly as you see one of the trainers 'grow up' to love orcas, and his story is told on huge video screens. You see him carve a necklace in the shape of an orca's tail, which he has kept with him since childhood. During every show that 'very same' necklace is awarded to a very lucky child, who gets to go up onto a platform to receive it. Every time that child looks at the necklace, he must remember to always follow his heart and believe in his dreams. If that doesnt make you well up, nothing will! Overall, Believe is a great show, but if you only had time to see Believe OR Blue Horizons, i would say skip Believe and watch Blue Horizons. (Dont forget to cheer when Shamu makes his grand entrance!!)



Rated 3/5

had not seen Shamu or a whale leap from the water in a pool.Our movie camera & photo camera recorded this for our son & family friends of our visit to the Sea World park to keep in our memories


shamu the greatest

Rated 3/5

brilliant, especially on a hot day and sitting near the front (row 5!)


Believe again

Rated 5/5

Since the tragic death of Dawn Brancheau, the trainers have not been permitted into the water with the whales. We loved Believe when we saw it a few years ago and wondered how Seaworld would be able to come anywhere close to the spectacle that we had seen before. To be honest we didn't have high hopes but this Summer decided to give it a try, we were glad we did. What Seaworld has done is to completely reinvent the show. There is still trainer and whale interaction which is both funny and touching, but now only at the poolside. The speed and high jumps are still present but they have added new elements to the show which are amazing in their own right. The big finale is when six, count them, six whales all work together to ensure that those people who sat in the Splash Zone get what they signed up for. I do hope that the trainers will one day be able to go back into the water with Shamu and his friends because there is obviously a really strong bond between them. But we all understand that cant happen at the moment. If you're visiting Seaworld please don't consider bypassing this show thinking it can't compete with the original. Yes it is different but once again you will 'Believe'.



Rated 5/5

Fantastic show and a great way to cool down!