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Pets Ahoy

Rated 4/5

Dogs and cats, skunks and pot-bellied pigs – they’ll have you rolling in the aisles with their tricks, stunts and antics! Are they comedians? Or athletes? They’re mostly rescue animals who’ve found a new life at SeaWorld. And they’d love to meet you at the end of the show!


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Pet Ahoy made me hold my stomach

Rated 5/5

Pets seemed to be enjoying as much as I did


Humans Ahoy!!!! See this show!!

Rated 4/5

Pets Ahoy is super cute!! The air conditioned auditorium is bliss and the rescue shelter animals amazing performers!! We laughed, we cried and that wasjust at the warm up show! Each animal is a star and the show is fantastic from start to finish, full of sweetness and comedy. A lovely refreshing billing for a park based mostly on aquatic animals - the best bit?.......the tight-rope walking cat!!! One of the funniest and geuinely brilliant things I have seen in a long, long time!


Great Fun

Rated 4/5

Pets Ahoy is a fantastic show. My kids love this. Their favourite animals are the dogs and they love watching them perform their many trick and stunts. I'm very impressed with how well trained these animals are. Wish I could take our new puppy over there for some lessons ;) As is to be expected, when working with animals, things don't always go according to plan. When that happens the show is even funnier. I wish there were more shows scheduled through out the day as sometimes it's hard to fit everything in.

Ariel's Mum21/09/2010

Pets Ahoy - you will leave with a smile!

Rated 4/5

Want to be cheered up? The pop along to the Seaport Theatre for Pets Ahoy! I always leave this show smiling - it really is fun for all the family. Domestic animals such as cats, dogs, birds, pigs, and even a skunk have been trained to put on little skits for the audience. One of the dogs pulls of an amazing sequence of getting money out the ATM, buying flowers from the flower shop, calling his girlfriend, then jumping in his jeep to go an meet her and give her the flowers. (FYI, they end up married!) Another favourite scene of mine is when a little Jack Russell puppy lifts a '1 ton weight' and boats that he can do something that Shamu cant! Dont worry about the animals safety either, they arent performing circus animals. As part of the show, you are shown a short video about how the animals are rescued from shelters, and are given good homes at Sea World. The show also gives the audience an opportunity to see animals that you may not necessarily see in person - such as the skunk. It was a real treat for me to see a skunk in the flesh, something which i had never done before. At the end of the show, the hosts bring out a couple of the doggy performers for the audience to meet and greet with. It gives a great opportunity for children (and adults) to stroke the animals and learn a little more about them. Definitely a show worth seeing - it is guaranteed that you will leave with a smile!


Rib Tickling Show

Rated 3/5

A real fun family show in an air conditioned theatre. Amazing what training and perseverance with a pet can create. A definite laugh for everybody :)


not enough shows

Rated 4/5

As there is so much to do at the park it can be very difficult to squeeze everything into one day but this year that's all we had. We really wanted to see Pets ahoy as it was excellent the last time i saw it but it only had two show times the day we visited which clashed with other shows we wanted to see. I know its difficult but either more show times or less time clashes with other big shows.


animal magic!

Rated 5/5

Luuuurrrvvve this show and cannot wait to see it again with my animal mad kids! A menagerie of household pets and more unusual animal (especially to us brits) of skunks andpot bellied pigs perform with their trainers. Often overlooked by some, but an absoloute must in my opinion. Its even better when some of the tricks go wrong!


Pets Ahoy

Rated 5/5

I find this show both entertaining and incredibly moving. The animals perform beautifully and the show has a comical element to it but also to think that all the animals have come from animal shelters is simply inspirational. This is a must see show for any animal lover! but be warned, it will tug on your heart strings!


Awesome Show

Rated 4/5

We really loved Pets Ahoy, its such a fun and exciting show. My Mum and I really loved how they trained the animals, and how they really did enjoy everything they were doing for the shows, if only we could bring our retriever along!


Pets Ahoy Review

Rated 5/5

A must see Show with such a variety of acts you'll be laughing from start to finish Amzing how seaworld Train these animals to do this things they done in this show, Loved It.