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Journey to Atlantis

Rated 4/5

Incredible special effects are what make this journey to the fabled lost city so entrancing. A one-of-a-kind water-coaster with two of the steepest, fastest, wettest drops anywhere. Prepare to get soaked. And prepare to want to go again!

Height Requirement: You must be a minimum of 3ft 5ins tall to ride Journey to Atlantis. Guests between 3ft 5ins and 4ft tall must be accompanied by a supervising companion (aged 14 years or older).


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Want To Go On Again!!!!

Rated 5/5

We've ridden this on every visit to Sea World. However the funniest memory is from our second time riding. My daughter aged 7 at the time stood at the entrance to Sea World and declared she did not want to ride Journey To Atlantis. She was adamant. Her face firm, bunches swinging as she shook her head side to side and said in a very loud voice "I don't want to go on Atlantis!". Well that was that then, or was it.... By mid morning, we had reached the entrance. She stood, watched a few boats go by and decided she would ride after all. Perhaps the promise of a cuddly Shamu convinced her. In the queue which was 30 minutes long, we kept her occupied by talking about the Shamu show we'd soon be seeing. When the boat came, she faltered and said "I don't want to go on..." but proceeded to sit next to her Dad holding his hand. As the previous year, she was immediately entranced by the special effects and story line at the start of the ride. By the time the boat dropped down the waterfall she was shrieking with laughter as her Dad got soaked. She told him the speed of the roller coaster at the next stage would dry him off. She's so caring my daughter ;) By the time she got to the exit, she was demanding to go back on. Unfortunately the queues were too long, but for the rest of the day all we heard from her was "Want to go on again....." It's become a family ritual to stand after Journey To Atlantis and take turns chanting "want to go on again....."

Ariel's Mum21/09/2010

the ride with a twist!

Rated 5/5

A really well themed ride. The big drop is amazing, you will squeal! And then for an added twist the "log flume" style ride turns into a roller coaster. brilliant, really good fun,


Fun in the Sun Waterride

Rated 3/5

Be prepared for a soaking! Just when you think the ride is almost over and are slowly sailing along somebody manually presses a water gun button and you unexpectedly get soaked again. (So wear a rainmac if you don't wish to get wet) Although I have to admit as an observer on the other side of the fence, it is hilarious watching this happen to riders :)


Experience Journey to Atlantis

Rated 5/5

Journey to Atlantis has to be the best themed water ride in Florida. The combination of traditional log flume and rollercoaster gels together perfectly and results in one fantastic ride with some unexpected twists! From start to finish the ride tells a story and whilst taking it all in you don't seem to realise just how high up you have got and therefore just how big a drop you have to go down! We all love Journey to Atlantis & would avise everyone to give it a try.

The Cragg Family20/09/2010

It's not over 'til it's over

Rated 4/5

Just when you don't think it can get any better, it does.


Bring on the Water rides!

Rated 2/5

For a theme park based on the water, Seaworld's only water ride lets it down. The inside theming is good, but the sudden change to outside, where there is no theming, just clonky old log flume mechanics, lets the whole ride down. I think a water ride/rollercoaster based on one of the major exhibits in the park would be good. Manta is a great example of this, linking exhibits to the ride. Maybe a fish chasing Shamu or dolphin coaster with twists and turns and a splash like Manta or an animal rescue raft ride?? The park is crying out for it, Bring on the water rides!


Leaving so soon? I think not!!

Rated 5/5

Our 13 year old son wasn't sure about this one, but after his first ride, he was so impressed he just had to have more rides - even went on without us, which was a first! Scary at times, but worth it - especially the music….We loved squirting riders from the side of the ride too. GREAT


my mums terror on Alantis

Rated 3/5

when i got on alantis i got my mum on it she was so scared when we came down the dip we told her its not over yet it goes backwards down the dip she really paniced and then when got into the rollercoaster bit she said when are we going backwards so i can brace myself in i said i was joking you dont really i still keep her going about that


Best time on the journey to atlantis

Rated 5/5

Had a great time on this ride with my family, so much fun i would recommend it to most people.



Rated 4/5

Atlantis really had me and my sister on the edge of our seats, literally! We really enjoyed the twists and turns as well as the few massive drops, such a fun ride we rode it twice over! Would definitely recommend this to any thrill seekers.