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Dolphin Nursery

Rated 4/5

Down at the dolphin crèche mothers are teaching young calves everything they know. Take your own kids – it’s very moving to watch the youngsters playing, jumping and diving and communicating with their patient mums.


In 2017, SeaWorld is giving guests the opportunity to get up close to mother and baby dolphins in a brand new way.

The Dolphin Nursery will be re-designed with large windows for much clearer viewing. Children will be able to come face-to-face with dolphin calves as new multi-level viewing areas are introduced. New slide out areas and a lifting floor will be added to allow for easier access to mum and baby for the veterinary and animal care teams as well. Guests will also be able to see lots of information about dolphin behaviour, biology and conservation on digital displays around this new area.

SWO Dolphin Nursery Short View



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Dolphin Nursery

Rated 5/5

What a delight to see all those new baby dolphins swimming around and playing hoping to end up where their parents may have been in the blue horizon show.


Must see

Rated 3/5

You must come here and see the baby dolphins swimming past, though it's difficult to get their photo!


Supersonic Dolphin Nursery

Rated 5/5

Supersonic Dolphin Nursery is a exciting place were you can feed live dolphins. Everyone has a lovely time and in my mind this attraction is number 1's feeding..