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Dolphin Cove

Rated 4/5

Dolphin Cove at Key West is one of the largest interactive dolphin pools in the world. Here, you can watch a playful group of bottlenose dolphins both above and below the surface of the water.

Don't forget to see the dolphins in action at the Blue Horizons® show, and to visit our newborn dolphins at the Dolphin Nursery.

* Please note Dolphin Cove is temporarily closed. We apologise for any inconvenience.


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Not Quite The Same Magic :(

Rated 2/5

I remember the first time my hubby and I visited Sea World and I got to feed the dolphins, it was magical. I felt so excited and when we took our kids to Sea World for the first time I wanted them to feel that same magic - and they did. I captured it all on video. Those wee smiling faces as they held the fish for the dolphins to eat. I love looking back at that. Last year, it just didn't feel the same at all. Every member of the party now has to buy a tray of fish, you can no longer just buy a couple (we used to buy two trays between the four of us). You can no longer just wander to the wall and begin feeding your dolphin. We had to stand and wait for instructions to be relayed to us by a trainer and then told we had 15 minutes to feed the dolphins. It all just seemed so overly engineered compared to even just a few years ago when my kids had their first experience. I felt it was lacking some of the magic if I'm honest. I think if you haven't been to Sea World before and want to experience everything then make sure you don't miss this. However if you have been before, or if you have been to Discovery Cove and swam with the Dolphins, you can easily afford to skip Dolphin Cove :(

Ariel's Mum21/09/2010

Dolphin Cove - not as good as it used to be.

Rated 2/5

Dolphin Cove used to be my favorite place in the park, but thats not so any more. They have roped off most of the viewing area and designated it for feeding, so anyone not wanting to pay the $7 has a very slim chance of getting up close to the dolphins - especially at feeding time. It costs $7 per tray of fish (and you only get a maximum of 3 fish per tray) and anyone going into the feeding area MUST buy a tray, so parents cannot just buy one tray of fish for their child(ren) and help them feed the dolphins - if a parent wants to accompany their child into the feeding area, they too must buy a tray of fish. I think that has taken a away the fun of Dolphin Cove, and I think it was much better before the new feeding rules. If you want a good feeding experience, head over to Pacific Point and feed the sea lions instead! Despite this, if you are happy to watch the dolphins from a distance, Dolphin Cove is a good place to be. At some points during the day (not at feeding times) the trainers stand on the rocks and ask the dolphins to do tricks for fish, so thats quite nice to watch too. Another great place to watch (although not touch) dolphins is at the Dolphin Nursery - there are always plenty of baby dolphins in a playful mood!


Delight in Dolphin Cove

Rated 5/5

Dolphin Cove is one of our family's favourite parts of Seaworld It is well worth spending the additional $7 each to feed them as you are then able to interact a little with the magnificent creatures as well as feed and touch them (whilst capturing some fantastic photographs and video footage) Tip - Get in line early to puchase the food as there is only a certain amount available to buy for each feeding time. The area set aside for people to see the Dolphins without purchasing food is quite small and once feeding begins there are not many Dolphins to be seen. Don't forget to stop by the underwater viewing area and Dolphin Nursery for a less crowded view.

The Cragg Family20/09/2010

Dolphin feeding

Rated 5/5

The feeding the dolphin's was thebest thing i have ever done. You had 1 trainer and she told you what to do.


My Favourite Place in Sea World

Rated 5/5

Love this part of Sea World. A wonderful opportunity to get up close to these divine mammals. A carton of fish will help you get an even closer experience but with patience everyone has the chance to touch and interact with the dolphins. Hidden gem, is the underwater viewing windows - didn't find them until our 2nd visit - could spend hours standing here just watching. Amazing!!


meet a new friend

Rated 5/5

One of the best experiences of my life was when of these beautiful creatures swam over and laid its head in my hands, truly serene! Want to increase your chances, then purchase a tray of food and get to feed and stroke them close up. One word of warning, cover your fish until you are ready to feed, or risk losing it to the seagulls! Dont forget to check out the photographs available for purchase afterwards. Want to escape that Florida sun (or rain)? then go to the underground viewing area, a great way to see the dolphins interacting wih one another, and if you are lucky, they may just be interested in you!


splishy splashy

Rated 5/5

when trying to interact with the dolphin dont splash your hands around, wait patiently with a still hand and they are more likely to come. This tip is best used at non-feeding times!



Rated 5/5

Here was one of our favourite parts of Seaworld, my sons saw a dolphin and named him Cheeky and from then on all they wanted to do was see Cheeky , The underwater bit of this part of the park was also good as the younger members of our family who were scared to feed the fish incase fell in also got to experience the dolphins up close as they dolphins came right upto the glass nose to nose the look on the little ones faces were a memory il never forget of amazement.


Dolphin Cove Review

Rated 5/5

The under water viewing Area is great Can be a bit crowned however dolphin cove is our best memory from seaworld, My girlfriend Fed the dolphins as part of a birthday treat and she says its one of the best presents she has ever had, A memory of a life time. Be sure to check feeding times and get in line as early as possible.


Don't miss the underwater viewing area

Rated 4/5

If you love dolphins then this is for you. Whether you choose to feed or not to this is an area where you can get close to these beautiful animals and watch them interact with each other and other people. Top Tip - Don't forget to check out the underwater viewing area at the far end of the cove - seeing them glide so gracefully under the water and play with each other is a great way to spend a few calm minutes.