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Clyde and Seamore's Sea Lion High

Rated 4/5

Put your flippers together for the all-new sea lion and otter show that is now open at SeaWorld Orlando. Clyde & Seamore’s Sea Lion High stars the comedic sea lion duo, Clyde and Seamore. This hilarious tale is filled with amazing animal behaviours and splashy audience fun. Clyde and Seamore find themselves in slippery pursuit of their high school diplomas and judging from the slapstick, high-energy pranks and hijinks, there’s no doubt Clyde and Seamore will emerge as heads of their class following Sea Lion High’s motto, “Education through Exploration and … Imagination.” When joined by mischievous otters, a Pacific walrus and a cast of goofy human characters swimming along in the fun, it certainly won’t be a normal class.


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Watch the mime!!

Rated 5/5

Clyde and Seymour is yet another one of Seaworld's brilliant antertaining animal shows, from the time you walk in and take your seat the fun begins. Watch out for the mime artist he gets up to some very funny antics at some of the audiences expense!! The show is fun and exciting. From the seals to the little otter and then of course who could forget the extremely large walrus, who even gets in on the act.


Clyde and Seamour show

Rated 5/5

A hilarious and worth while show. Very clever how the animals and the trainers work together to pull of an amazing show for the whole family to enjoy. Fantastic!


Beware Of The Mime Artist ;)

Rated 5/5

We love watching Clyde and Seymour but we also love watching the Mime Artist. He's a hoot!!! He takes the mickey out of lots of guests and it never fails to amaze me that they don't know what he's up to behind their backs. Picture the scenario the show is almost full and a big family group walk in eating hot dogs. You'd think they'd be able to see that the centre rows are full, but no they persist in standing at the bottom, munching their dogs, whilst pointing to rows where maybe one person, but not 8 could squeeze in. The Mime Artist, much to the amusement of the audience, stands behind the group, scratching his head, pretending to eat a hot dog. He points to different rows, rolls his eyes, flaps his arms and the crowd's laughter grows ever louder. After several minutes one member of the group eventually notices whats going on. At this point the Mime Artist points to the side rows, and gestures to the group to follow him. He continues to munch his "scrummy hot dog" whilst marching them off to the side. That's just one of the many many acts we have watched the Mime Artists perform over the years we have been visiting Sea World. We always ensure we are seated well ahead of show time as this classic comedy really sets us up for the great Clyde and Seymour show. The thing we like most about the actual show is when the animals decide not to behave. That always has my son in hysterics. Clyde and Seymour is real good old fashioned laugh out loud comedy. Fun for all the family. Not to be missed.

Ariel's Mum20/09/2010

Sea Lions, Walruses and Mime Artists - what fun!

Rated 4/5

Ive never seen another show that goes wrong as much as this one, but thats what makes it so brilliant! Clyde and Seamore are Sea lions that crash a pirate ship into a desert island, and discover........Pirates of course!!! The show is full of gags (theyve been marooned...(one of the human performers is wearing a maroon coloured shirt!) that are so rubbish that they are funny! Sea World dont enforce the animals to do anything (they are rescued remember!) so often the show is 'adjusted' by the animals according to how they are feeling - one of the pirates tried three times to get Clyde to do a trick, but every time he just went for a swim and came back - it was hysterical! For a nice big helping of cheesey-ness and laughter, head to this show. It really is not one to miss! *Tip* Get there early......if you cut it too close to show time and walk in, you risk being 'attacked' by a mime artist.....i love this guy (he makes the show in my opinion!) and he his hilarious for the audience, although you might not find it so hilarious if it is you he is making fun of. (He often does it behind you so you dont notice!)


Great fun!

Rated 5/5

What a great show! We were slightly tired and wandering how on earth could an otter compete with the Shamu Show - but we all laughed out loud! Worth getting in the line and including in your planned day out.


Fantastic Family Favourite Show

Rated 5/5

This show is certainly a family favourite in our household! It strikes a perfect balance between showcasing the extremely talented Clyde & Seymour and the telling of a good old Pirate story which grabs both children's attention and imagination The interaction between the trainers & animals is truly beyond words The mime artist who entertains the crowd prior to the show commencing is almost as good as the show itself. He is very funny and an excellent reason to get to the show early as well as grabbing some good seats for the show. It really should not be missed!

The Cragg Family17/09/2010

Avast Behind

Rated 4/5

Top Tip... Get there at least 10 minutes before the show starts to catch the hilarious mime act. Our kids love this show, they're in their late teens, ho hum) which is best described as a Piratey pantomime. If it can go wrong it probably will and that's all part of the fun. Sealion Seymour is there to help the hero track down the treasure and thwart the baddie pirate and Clyde was just born to Boogie. All good nautical fun, says I....Arggghhh that it be.


has been better but still good fun

Rated 4/5

The mime act 15mins before the show is brilliant, and always has me crying with laughter. The show when I visited in 2009 wasn't the best i have seen and i was a little disappointed with it as on previous visits its been hilarious.


See More with Seymour!

Rated 5/5

Love, love, love this show. Just wonderful, huge, but gentle creatures and they really do look like they are enjoying themselves. Pre-Show Mime - well what can I say!! Always gets us there early for a seat to watch the poor, unsuspecting public being "had". Fantastic!!


Hilarious - Get there early!

Rated 5/5

Rating doesn't seem to be working? 5 stars please! We absolutely loved this show! Was one of the highlights of our day. Very funny. Tip: Get there about 30 minutes early and enjoy the pre-show artist. Absolutely made our day! :D