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Blue Horizons

Rated 4/5

See a mystical daydream where acrobatic dolphins and whales, soaring birds and spirited performers come to life in a vivid, theatrical experience only SeaWorld could create. 


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great horizons

Rated 5/5

What a show , I have been to watch this so many times and it just gets better I hope seaworld don't change it because I can't wait to come back and watch it again , the chemistry between the trainers and dolphins is incredible and just creates a must see show


Just Magical!!!!

Rated 5/5

A must see!!!! How do you start to describe such a beautiful magical show. A show not only where the animals perform but the people do too. You will be amazed at the aerial acrobatics and stunts, the beautiful birds and music that will bring a tear to your eye!! and not forgetting everyone' s favorite the endearing dolphins. This show is a definate must see!!!!!


Dolphin show

Rated 3/5

Blue Horizons could have been better Lot of color and interesting acrobatics, but could have put more of Dolphin acrobatics I have seen Dolphin shows in other parks where Dolphin interaction with acrobats is much better



Rated 5/5

its amazing when i saw it it was unbeliveable


Kids Favourite!

Rated 3/5

This was our kids favourite show - I have posted a photo of them with our sea world guide Heather as this was the last show we saw during the day. Really was spectacular and a lovely end to our VIP tour, I would recommend the tour to anyone considering it, a fabulous way to see the park, especially for first timers.


Blue Horizons Dolphin Show

Rated 5/5

This show is absolutely incredible. Brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it. The dolphins and the trainer have an amazing bond which makes the show! I am working towards being a Dolphin trainer in this show as they have inspired me so much! Love it to bits!


Into The BLUE......

Rated 5/5

What an amazing show!!! The interaction between humans, dolphins and birds is incredible. The music is of Broadway standards!! The show is about a girl who dreams of a magical world. As her dream progresses she swims and dances with dolphins. The dolphins are amazing, they flip, twist, turn and are just ever so graceful. The birds which swoop down through the stadium are incredibly colorful. The bird handlers have them very well trained. Amazing! Best of all though, in my opinion, are the acrobats. The stunts those guys (male and female) pull off are incredible. A MUST SEE!!!

Ariel's Mum21/09/2010

A Fantastic Show!

Rated 5/5

Since the trainers are no longer allowed in the water over at the Shamu Stadium, this has shot up to the spot of best show in the park, in my opinion. Blue Horizions has dolphin acrobatics, flying birds (including parrots) human acrobatics and a soundtrack that will tug hard on your heartstrings, and may even persuade a tear or two to drop! (So good in fact, i HAD to buy the CD!) Several kinds of dolphin feature in the show, and all perform tricks, flips and generally put on a good, entertaining show for the audience - beware though, the splash zone is called the splash zone for a reason!! The dolphin acrobatics is mixed with human acrobats, all of which are incredibly talented, and tell the story well through their brightly coloured costumes and extremely skillfull moves. This is definitely a must see attraction at Sea World - i would recommend this show over any other in the park - the finale in particular is very tear-jerking! (so dont forget those tissues!)


Blue Horizons - Magical

Rated 3/5

A real must for all Seaworld visitors! This show never fails to make me emotional and appreciate the beautiful things in life. All types of beauty brought together to create a magical performance for all ages. Please see for yourself, you will not be disappointed.



Rated 5/5

this show is absolutely amazing and had me crying at its sheer beauty. The dolphins the whales and the added extra of the birds was simply amazing.