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Wind-Away River

Rated 4/5

Grab a chance to relax and marvel at nature as you meander downriver. The more the river winds through waterfalls and cascades, the more you unwind.


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Float Away On Wind Away River....

Rated 5/5

The water here is sooooo warm, it's like a hot bath. This was our third year of playing in the Wind Away River and we had a fantastic time. We each took a "noodle" float and used this to float our way around the river. It is deep in places, so if your wee ones aren't great swimmers you might want to put them in a life jacket. My two both used them on previous visits and loved them. I'm a contact lens wearer and always get really nervous about losing my lenses going under the two waterfalls leading into and out of the aviary. This year, I wore my mask and felt more relaxed going through. Clearly being blonde it's taken me three years to figure out a solution to the problem (d'oh). A waterproof camera is a MUST for this area of the park. There are lots and lots of opportunities for great photographs. My two had a great time taking silly photos of each other with their noodles. Enjoy!

Ariel's Mum19/09/2010

Great fun!

Rated 4/5

The wind away river is great fun, and relaxing too - if you have a float. If you dont have a float, it is more hard work than fun, because you have to swim.....most of the river is about 8ft deep, although there are areas where you can stand up and walk some of the way. The water is warm (think warm bath water!) and the river winds its way around the coral reef and through the bird aviary. To get into (and out of) the bird aviary section, you have to pass through/under a waterfall, so be prepared to get wet! There are birds that come down to the side of the river to cool off, or for a drink, so that makes for some great photo opportunities. Also along the wind away river there is a huge stone totem pole - this makes for a great place for a photo, and there was a Discovery Cove photographer on hand to take photos - both above AND under water! One thing i will say though, is make sure you get a float early, unless you want to swim. I found that there werent many floats available, and people were taking the floats with them back to their deck chairs etc, so other people couldnt use them. We did this too, for fear of not being able to get floats again later, but we returned to find someone had taken them from our lounger. Another thing about the river is that there arent many exits - so make sure youve been to the toilet before you get in! *Tip!* Dont go to the Coral Reef directly acfter youve had a warm soak in the river. The reef will be icy cold!!



Rated 5/5

A great way to drift around and relax.


So good you have to do it twice

Rated 3/5

A favourite with all of my family was snorkelling around the wind away river. So soothing and calming you forget where you are and imagine instead you are snorkelling off tropical shores. Not satisfied with a once around? you can while away the hours here and go around as many times as you like, beautiful underwater features for snorkellers, not to be missed!!!



Rated 3/5

This is an experience! Be warned, this is NOT relaxing if you are a weak swimmer. The current is very powerful in places and the water is very deep. Be sure to pick up a flotation device if you are unsure. Having said that, we did enjoy it... but we were exhausted afterwards :0)


Pure bliss!

Rated 5/5

The wind away river is probably one of the most relaxing things you can do, not only in Florida but in the world! You can float around with your family, gazing at some of the birds that come into sight, with not a worry in the world. Its really incredible, Discovery Cove is just truly amazing!



Rated 5/5

The perfect way to relax and unwind in the middle of an action packed holiday.


Simply amazing

Rated 5/5

Discovery Cove is THE place to visit when in Orlando. It's one of the main reasons we revisit and the first time was just out of this world. The Wind Away River is out of this world. You have to swim around it to believe it..


Easter 2016

Rated 5/5

To us from England this is like paradise. So calming and picturesque, my 8 year old grandson never left the water, except to eat!