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The Grand Reef

Rated 4/5

Spanning over 2.5 acres, featuring multiple levels of exploration suitable for all ages, from paddling in tranquil shallow waters to deep diving adventures into a tropical sunken world teeming with sealife, including over 10,000 animals, representing 125 different species of fish, rays and sharks.


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Feed the Rays, it's such fun

Rated 5/5

You will absolutely love the Stingray Shallows especially at feeding time. You will be given a piece of fish or a large prawn... for the Rays not you!!!!! and the Rays will swarm round you. They creep up your legs and are so so funny!!!!!!!!!


How soft Are The Stingrays

Rated 4/5

Everything about Discovery Cove makes for memories for a lifetime. As well as swimming with a dolphin, snorkelling in a tropical reef, playing a lazy river, you can also get up close and personal with stingrays. All this in the middle of Orlando!!! So have you ever imagined what it will feel like to touch a stingray. I have. I thought they'd be slimy. I thought their skin would feel hard. The reality is far from that. Their skin is smooth and surprisingly soft and silky. It was so not what I expected. My family and I spent ages touching and tickling the rays in stingray shallows. It was yet another fantastic experience in Discovery Cove.

Ariel's Mum20/09/2010

Amazing - like all of Discovery Cove!

Rated 5/5

This is one step up from Stingray Lagoon at Sea this lagoon, you can wade in and interact with the rays as they glide right up to you. I fed the stingrays twice in one day - there is a guide on hand to tell you how to do it, and to hand out fish for you to feed them. ( feels like you are feeding vacuum cleaners!) You can stroke and pet the rays too - but keep in mind this is not a snorkelling lagoon - your feet must stay on the ground at all times, to avoid stepping on the rays. The lagoon is only shallow - about waist height at its deepest point, and we were told some of the females may be pregnant, so we dont want to be stepping on any of those! There are also often Discovery Cove photographers on hand, snapping away! But this is just another place to make amazing lifetime memories - thats what Discovery Cove is all about! Truly amazing.



Rated 4/5

THE place to get so close to some amazing fish and of course the rays.



Rated 5/5

This pool is always quiet and the best thing to do is just stand there and allow the rays to brush past you. Keep your hands in the water and you can usually get a little stroke as they glide by.


stingray experience

Rated 3/5

I was terrified of this experience at first, but it's amazing how quickly you adapt in the water with these wonderful creatures! A must do and see for all of the family with water shallow enough for even the smaller visitors. Loved every minute of it!


Feeding a ray.

Rated 5/5

We were lucky to enter the stingray shallows at feeding time. This was a whole experience in it's self. You form a large circle and the trainer walks around handing everyone a piece of fish. This is then held between your fingers in under the water. The rays then swim in and out of the circle feeding from you. They glide over your hand slurp up the fish, what a sensation. We got some great photos in here, the photographers are fantastic, waiting until they see a ray coming and snapping when it is swimming in front of you. Great experience.


Truly an amazing experience!

Rated 5/5

Me and my family absolutely loved the grand reef, we ended up spending hours just floating around looking at the most beautiful fish. Just like the previous reviewer said, its a little daunting at first, with the cold water and drop off points in the water, but it is so completely worth it! One of our favourites are the rays, they are just so majestic and its incredible how you get to appreciate them so closely, Of course the sharks are awesome, and so are the eels! One thing we would say, is that if you just float, and look down at the all the fish, take you time, you are bound to see a fish you havent up to that point, they always pop out with their amazing colours! Such a great attraction, cannot beat Discovery Cove!!


A terrific experience.

Rated 3/5

We have been to discovery Cove on numerous occaisions. The Grand Reef is a bit daunting to begin with - the water is cold and the fish are big but once you submerge yourself ....... well, it is truely breath taking. My son loves to see all the fish swimming near him and it is for him the best part of his visit - yes, even better than swimming with the dolphins.


great grand reef

Rated 3/5

The grand reef was great esspecially the snorkling . I could see a big sting ray and it was black and white. You can take an under water camera.There is a glass wall with baby hammer head sharks which are about a size of a laptop keyboard.There are lovely tropical fish that are swimming around you! I would say its the best place to go. Its a very good place to go for children because my children loved it .You get this free sun cream so normal sun cream would hurt the creatures.