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Serenity Bay

Rated 4/5

A vast, warm, freshwater pool with something for everyone. Surrounded by white beaches, the shallows are for playing and paddling, the deeper waters for a rejuvenating swim. Try showering under a waterfall, or just relaxing on a lounger.


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Tropical Paradise

Rated 5/5

This is a lovely picturesque area of Discovery Cove. It really does look like a Tropical Paradise. It does get really busy here, so for the best photographs try to get there early in the day. My other piece of advice would be to make sure you get photographs taken by the official photographer. These are simply added to the photo CD which you can purchase at the end of the day.

Ariel's Mum19/09/2010

Great !

Rated 5/5

This little pool area really makes you feel like you are on your own tropical island. The pool has shallow areas and deeper areas, and is filled with rock formations which just add to the lovely scenery. The Wind Away River also goes through Serenity Bay - through a cave in fact. The cave also has waterfalls cascading off it into Serenity Bay, which are great fun to try and swim under! The shallow area of Serenity Bay is also a great place to practice your breathing technique in the snorkel, if you dont want to stand in the very cold waters of the Coral Reef whilst you practice! Serenity bay also borders onto a small beach area, which is great for sunbathing, and/or watching the kids whilst they play. This beach is also pretty central to all the attractions (except the aviary and dolphin lagoon) so you can keep an eye on the family wherever they are!


Peace at last

Rated 3/5

When you need a rest from all of the swimming this is the perfect place to relax and soak up the sun. never busy and always a lounger to be had, enjoy the white sandy beach at it's best! even try an ice cream, free with your all-inclusive pass - sheer bliss!



Rated 5/5

This area is great to have a bit of relaxation. The water is so warm and great for the kids to have a swim round in the water having a bit of fun. You can enter the lazy river from here and there are photographers in the water to take photos to add to your cd at the end of the day. Be prepared for the cold of the other water areas when you leave this one!!


Relax, relax and relax some more!

Rated 5/5

Me and my family took a load off here after a long swim in the Grand Reef. We grabbed an ice cream and relaxed on a lounger, what more could you want! Simply cannot beat Discovery Cove!!


So relaxing

Rated 5/5

This is a fabulous place to sit back, relax and enjoy the sunshine.