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Explorer's Aviary

Rated 4/5

A colourful discovery just beyond the beaches and waterfalls! Literally hundreds of jewel-coloured tropical birds soar and sing above, and feed right out of your hand.


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My Daughter Had A Blast

Rated 5/5

Although we have visited Discovery Cove twice previously, this was the first time we had visited the Aviary. On previous visits we had been too busy exploring other areas to devote time to the Aviary. We had been advised to head here early in the day which we did. This is when the birds are hungriest and you have the most fun feeding them. My son is afraid of birds so he and I missed out on what my daughter and hubby describe as fascinating experience. The area is full of trees and there are a huge variety of birds. My husband said that as you turned each corner the were more and more amazing birds to see. My daughter loved feeding the birds (I have uploaded photographs that my husband took - she looks so serious in them). A bird landed on her head and she thought it was hilarious. This was captured by a DC photographer and my daughter is so proud of this picture. One of the amusing things for our family was that my Brother-in-Law who wasn't wearing shoes had his feet pecked by a few birds. My daughter thought it was hilarious. My tips for this area of the park would be to get there early and to wear shoes to prevent the birds pecking on your toes.

Ariel's Mum19/09/2010

Simply Amazing!

Rated 5/5

I found all of Discovery Cove truly amazing, but i think (second to the Dolphin Swim) that this was my favourite part. Our dolphin Swim wasnt until 10:40, so we did the aviary first. We were the first guests of the day in the Aviary, and i would definitely suggest you go to the aviary first! The birds are all hungry and eagerly awaiting breakfast, and as soon as i had a cup of food in my hand, loads and loads of brightly coloured birds appeared, and many flew down and landed on us (anywhere they could - hands, arms, head!) and ate from the cup. It is such an amazing feeling. I have never done anything like this before, so it is something i will remember forever. There is a HUGE variety of birds in the three aviaries, from bright yellow ones, to little green ones, to large ugly ones (sorry!) and cute fluffy ones. I really cannot put into words how amazing this experience was - i would do it again at the drop of a hat. You will truly be creating memories that will last a lifetime!


Feeding the birds

Rated 4/5

A great place to get up close to the birdlife and have the opportunity to feed them too.


great photo opportunity

Rated 5/5

I would get some beach shoes as some of the birds don't mind having a little nibble, it doesn't hurt but some of them do have scary beaks! the aviaries are home to a fabulous selection of birds that are all to happy to land on you for a snack no matter what time of day. This is an opportunity to get some great photos


Bird heaven!

Rated 3/5

An amazing and tranquil way to spend some time out of the water with a huge array of birds to feed and admire. for those who prefer not to hold the birds or allow them to rest on you it is still a beautiful walk through with stunning gardens!


Another amazing experience at Discovery Cove!

Rated 5/5

Me and my family read reviews and managed to get here early on in the day, and it meant there were so many amazing, beautiful and hungry birds! The aviary is an awesome opportunity to get some once in a lifetime photographs, dont forget your camera! Its so nice to see the conservation work that SeaWorld parks do. We spoke to a park keeper in the aviary and she told us they had taken in loads of injured birds, giving them a wonderful home. Perfect!


feathered friends

Rated 5/5

I was surprised how much my family and I enjoyed this attraction. This was our second visit to Discovery Cove and I can't believe we missed out first time round. Although we're not really bird enthusiasts, this was great fun, and even my eldest son who I expected to be slightly uncomfortable with the experience loved the fact that the birds were so happy to interact. He made some new friends that day ! The birds were fascinating , colourful and great fun to interact with as they pecked at the little pots of food - which I was very pleased to say was provided at no extra cost. A very pleasant surprise that we returned to several times during our day - don't miss this one, even if you're not really 'into birds' !


Another perfect experience

Rated 5/5

This should be the 'weak' link, the 'do-if-you-have-time' attraction. Please make time, you will not be disappointed


Feed the birds

Rated 4/5

Make sure you go here early on in the day when the birds are still hungry, you will get better interactions this way! The birds will come right down to you whilst you feed them by hand, another fab experience in a beautiful park.


Dreaming of 6th Trip to S.W+,D.C+Aquatica

Rated 5/5

A really special place within a very special park keeps us going again and again now planning 6th visit. The pleasure of beautifully coloured birds feeding from your hands is not to be missed.