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Dolphin Lagoon

Rated 4/5

Definitely the highlight of your day. And possibly your whole holiday! Wade into the lagoon to swim, play, hug and feed the dolphins. And then it’s just you - swimming alone in paradise with the most memorable friend you’ve ever made. Everyone is welcome but you must be over 6 to swim with the dolphins.


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Out of this world!

Rated 5/5

Discovery Cove is the most beautiful place in the world. Its made to be like a little beach island, where you can swim with the dolphins, feed the sting rays & swim in the coral reef with tropical fish & let all your stresses float away around the lazy river. The food is to die for, all day you can eat & drink & the service was fantastic! I would def recommend this is a MUST do!!!!


Dream come true!!!

Rated 5/5

Dolphin Lagoon everyone's Dream come true, who wouldn't want to swim with the dolphins. These wonderful animals come play and interact with you and your group under the watchful eye of a trainer. Then there are the photo opportunities and the Dolphin 'kiss'. Your interaction lasts about 30 - 40 minutes and every single minute is a memory in the making.Once play time is almost over each member of your group is then towed back to shallow water by their new found friend!!!!!!!!


Dolphin swim

Rated 3/5

What a fantastic day we had it was our first time to Orlando and as a suprise i took my daughter to swim the dolphins. the staff were brilliant and the day was hot. my son snorkled with the ray's it was like being on your own tropical island Trevor 08/08/2012


Discovery Coves Best Attraction

Rated 5/5

Amazing the best attraction there


Best day ever

Rated 5/5

Visited in May 2009 and had the most wonderful day! Staff were wonderful as were all off the animals. We were scheduled to swim at 2pm but one of the dolphins wouldn't allow the others out so we were asked if some of us would volunteer to swim later in the day. We were happy to although I was surprised at the number of guests who refused! Well, it was worth the wait! Swam with Cindy who was just fantastic and at the end of the day we were given a complimentary dvd of our swim by way of thanks for our understanding. I felt that some guests forgot that these dolphins are unique individuals with personalities of their own and not puppets of the trainers. Hoping to come back next year and swim again and possibly do the trainer for a day experience as our daughter has wanted to work with these awe inspiring creatures since we came (she was 8 at the time). Would recommend it to anyone visiting Orlando,brilliant value for money and really is an unforgettable experience.

Jessica Rabbit08/08/2012

Magical Memories

Rated 5/5

We had a fantastic time AGAIN in Discovery Cove this year - we visited for the 3rd time on July 5th 2010. For the Dolphin swim there were 9 of us in our group, our party of 7 (2 families) and a couple from Florida. Felt quite sorry for them being stuck with a big group but they were really nice and seemed to have a great time despite the Scottish rabble. The trainers we had were great. I wish I could remember their names BUT I do know our dolphin was Roxy. Her baby was swimming just a few feet away with another trainer. It was quite cute how every so often Roxy would desert us and just go check on her baby. We got lots of piccies taken. We had lots of combination shots, 7 of us, the two families, then the kids. I was keen to get one of my kids together with the dolphin and the photographer was more than happy to oblige. All of us, except my nephew opted for the deep swim. The couple from Florida went first, then my sis-in-law and her hubby, followed by my hubby and daughter, and then my son and I. This is the third time we have swam with dolphins and as always - it was FANTASTIC! After we had completed the deep swim, our trainer came back to shore and then my nephew took his shallow swim. The shallow swim is just as long as the deeper one - it is just in shallower water - perfect for younger kids. My nephew loved it. After all three Dolphins in the pool had performed their tricks, our trainer said she needed help from our group. She then introduced us to a Dolphin called Capricorn. He was sooo much bigger than Roxy. The trainer asked my nephew to come forward as she needed someone strong for the next trick. She sent Capricorn back out to a rock where other trainers were standing. He then came swimming forward with a Buoy which said “Happy Holidays Harrison 2010". After another Photo Shoot, my son was called forward and Capricorn presented him with a similar Bouy. Finally it was my daughter’s turn. They were thrilled with this extra special treat. It was part of the Golden Ring package I had booked as a surprise. As part of the package you get one Buoy, but I had arranged with DC to have another two. I was really impressed with how this was all organised. All too soon our dolphin interaction was over. As we left the cove, our hostess was waiting for us. She took us back at our Cabana where we found champagne & chocolates all laid out for us. We had an Absolutely magical day at Discovery Cove. THANKS GUYS!!!

Ariel's Mum18/09/2010

Out of This World.

Rated 5/5

This really is the cherry on top of the cake...what everybody comes to Discovery Cove for - to swim with the Dolphins. We had two dolphins during our swim. The first was Natalie, and with her, we were able to stroke her, kiss her, (yes KISS her!..on the lips too!) feed her and we were taught commands that asked her to do some tricks (including a very funny blow-hole noise!) We only had natalie for half our interaction because she was a brand new mother, and the trainers were easing her back in after maternity leave. The baby was also in the pool with us (although it didnt come close - not surprisingly!) but we did see it do a couple of flips from time to time, of its own accord! For the actual swim part of the interaction, we had Tyler. You can choose to swim out to the deeper part of the lagoon (which involves you treading water for a while, which is quite tricky!) and the dolphin 'tows' you back. If you dont want to swim out, you can also ride in the shallow section, so if you let go of the dolphin, all you need to do is stand up. We also had the surprise birthday package, which had Tyler bring a personalized buoy out to my son, and he got some extra interaction with the dolphin as well. Throughout the entire interaction, there is a photographer on hand, snapping away , and the whole thing is filmed too, so you can buy the video. (which is a bit pricey though!) It was a truly out of this world experience that i will never, ever forget. If you are wondering whether or not its worth it, IT IS! Especially if you have kids (of any age) the looks on their faces will be spectacular. Thank you Discovery Cove for a truly wonderful day!


Amazing Experience to swim with the Dolphins

Rated 4/5

Discovery Cove is the most magical place I have ever seen. However, after two years of waiting on the day we went at 1 p.m there was torrential rain and thunder. Everything was closed down and we were told to go inside. It lasted all afternoon. We did get to swim with the Dolphins Latoya and Yoko but most of Discovery Cove we didn't see. We never got to the fresh water Oasis or the tropical birds. On returning home we also discovered that the last 10 minutes of our video was missing and that was the bit with myself and my sister on. Discovery Cove were very good and rang me all the way back to the UK but said that they no longer had the original DVD. They have given us 3 lifelong free passes to return. Unfortunately, it was a once in a lifetime holiday and will not be repeated. Weather permitting though Discovery Cove is worth every $.



Rated 3/5

The best part of our Holiday we had 2 fantastic days at Discovery Cove 2.11.2012 & 9.11.2012. well worth the money dolphin swim was Amazing.

mick cusworth16/11/2012

Paradise Found

Rated 3/5

A real humbling, magical moment when the dolphin takes you for a short ride in this magical park of paradise. A moment that you will never ever forget! A definite must for all Orlando visitors, worth every single $