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Sesame Street Safari of Fun

Rated 4/5

This sunny, funny playland features Elmo, Big Bird and all their friends, filled with rides, shows and adventures, just for the little ones. Air Grover is a junior rollercoaster with plenty of fun turns and mini dives, The Count's Zambezi Rally takes you on a desert jaunt through tribal trails while Zoe-patra & the Hippos of the Nile give you a riverside glimpse of Africa on a splashy flume ride! Look out for 1-2-3-Smile with Me, and share a photo with a favourite Sesame Street character!

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safari so good!

Rated 5/5

this muppet themed area features several rides for little ones. Air Grover is a roller coaster type ride to give the youngsters a thrill. water attractions and a show. I love this because I grew up watching sesame street, and now my children love it too. Not to be missed if you have under 8's


Perfect for little ones!

Rated 4/5

We went here with because my sister always loved The Muppet's; its not on TV much here in the UK so this was a real treat! Even though she was a little too old for most the attractions, she really had a great time. As the reviewer said before, great if you have any children under 8/9 years old!


Great for younger children

Rated 5/5

My younger children enjoyed the rides/play area here and the Sesame Street "roller coaster" was just right for my 5 year old daughter.