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Serengeti Railway

Rated 5/5

How about a hundred-year-old experience of everything that’s breathtaking and magnificent about Africa? Travel on one of four replica locomotives, to take in free-roaming herds of giraffe, zebra, antelope and more. Get a glimpse of the parks spectacular rides. And stop off at the Congo, Nairobi and Stanleyville areas.


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Take a relaxing ride on the Serengeti Railway

Rated 5/5

This a great way to take in some fantasic views of the animals whilst giving your legs a well earned rest from touring the Park. It is very convenient as you can get off and on as you wish throughout the circuit and it also provides you with some excellent photo oppotunities along the way

The Cragg Family20/09/2010

Fantastic Seringeti Railway

Rated 5/5

Seringeti Railway, Great Train to sit on and look around Bush gardens. You also get 2 see the rollercoaster's in actoin!!


Great way to relax!

Rated 5/5

Awesome way to relax in the hot sun, take a seat, and take in all the animals and everything Busch Gardens has to offer. We found this was also a really good way of getting round the park if you want to reach a show on time, or simply want to take the load off! The tour guide on the train is also very helpful and talks you through what is in the park, with some added humour!


The best rest you will ever have!

Rated 5/5

Take some time to go on this railway, its a great chance to rest your legs from all that walking and the view is not to be missed. There are loads of chances for great photos on the way as well. You can hop on and off at the different stops so you don't miss anything.