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Rated 4/5

You won't want to miss the crazy curves and hairpin turns of this roller coaster, it's something the whole family will want to ride again and again!

Height Requirement: You must be a minimum of 3ft 8ins tall and at least 6 years of age to ride SandSerpent. Those between 3ft 8ins tall and 6 years of age and 4ft 3ins tall and 8 years of age must be accompanied by a supervising companion (aged 14 years or older). Those over 4ft 3ins tall and 8 years of age or older may ride unaccompanied.


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Rated 5/5

In my sons words (7 yrs) This is 5 stars!!!! The sand Serpaent absolutly frightened the life out of me!!! it was brilliant & although was terrifing I would do it again! My photo for this ride was great!!


Crazy Ride

Rated 5/5

My kids loved this - they were 10 and 9 when they rode. They loved the wild track and the speed of the ride. They rode three times on the trot whilst my hubby and I sat with a cool drink watching them having a blast.

Ariel's Mum19/09/2010

Fun ride

Rated 3/5

This was a really fun ride! We really enjoyed ourselves and had a wonderful time


Great ride!

Rated 4/5

Me, my Mum and my sister went on this thinking it was going to be a little bit tamer than most rollercoasters. We were so wrong, such a fast, eratic, fun ride! Great little hidden ride in Busch!


Not so cool ride

Rated 3/5

This ride is great for a fun thrill for kids or adults who dont like the big coasters. It looked like a childy ride but once I got on it with my friends at Howl - O -Scream it was alot of fun whipping around the corners and the little dipps we nicknamed it the not so cool ride. Due to us being whiplased :) around the corners but it was fun and deffently memoriable!


Couldn't Stop Laughting

Rated 5/5

Such a fun ride, you won't stop laughing the whole way around.