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Rated 4/5

Home to some of the world’s rarest and least-glimpsed species – here’s where you get up close to playful orangutans and majestic Bengal tigers having a dip in their plunge pool. Go back a few evolutionary stages and see what it’s like to climb around in the jungle canopy. Waterfalls and gravity-defying rides just add to the excitement.


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Overwhelmingly special

Rated 4/5

A well thought out, fantastic new addition to Busch. We planned on spending maybe 20 minutes here but boy we were hour later we couldn't tear ourselves away from these beautiful graceful creatures. Well worth a visit, and don't forget your camera!


Could lose hours in here

Rated 5/5

I could stay in here all day watching the naughty orangutans! So funny to watch and a great enclosure for them to play in. The tigers are also INCREDIBLE. We were lucky enough that a tiger came and laid on the special viewing area and so were close enoughto have touched him. AMAZING


Unlike any other!

Rated 5/5

Truly one of the most enjoyable experiences, (as animal lovers) for my and my family. You cannot explain just how beautiful tigers are until you see them up close. The work that Busch Gardens does for conservation is also so inspiring. The trainer talk is really worth a visit, you get to see the tigers being fed whilst a trainer is speaking all about them, simply cannot beat this part of Busch!


If you love cats....

Rated 5/5

then you'll love this. A newish addition to the Busch Garden family - modern and sleek with views from all angles. Tip - Look out for the more 'unusual' viewing areas. Be careful though you will stand and watch for hours - its very hard to drag yourself away.