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Congo River Rapids

Rated 4/5

Get absolutely soaked re-living a treacherous white water journey along Africa’s mighty Congo River. This is a ride with wow factor and a lot of water.

Height Requirement: You must be a minimum of 3ft 5ins tall to ride Congo River Rapids.



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Water fun!

Rated 5/5

Fab ride!!! We went on this ride over & over again!!! Best part is when you can pay a quater & shoot people from the sides with a water hose! Great entertainment soaking everyone!!


Splashtastic Sensation

Rated 5/5

Meandering leisurely through the pre-ride queue is a delight in itself, the authentic attention to detail is amazing. But then strap yourself into the rafts, stow your valuables away and be prepared for the most exciting, fun, wet, bumpy,exhilarating raft ride of your life. Whether you're 9yrs or 90yrs this'll be the holiday moment you'll talk about for years.


Prepare to get wet!

Rated 5/5

This is a fantastic River Rapids ride with excellent theming and most importantly provides immense family fun! One thing is for sure - you will get wet!

The Cragg Family20/09/2010

Wet Wet Wet

Rated 5/5

We had such a laugh on this attraction. With all three kids getting soaked and the wife and me staying dry it was all going so well, until almost at the end when my dearly beloved uttered the fateful words... "Well we hardly got wet at all" At that moment we encountered the rides finale, a tube that shoots water across the bows of your raft. We weren't just soaked we were drenched and laughing until we cried. The kids had their revenge for us laughing at how wet they had got, so they were happy too. Commenting on my wife's premature remark an American guest said "That has to be right up there with Custer's "They'll never hit us from that range"


Congo river rapids

Rated 4/5

Very good ride. You are guaranteed to get soaked.Perfect for a warm day. You also need to spin the wheel in the Ride otherwise you will get nowhere. It would be a fantastic idea if you would bring extra clothing or maybe wear a Swimming costume or trunks.


Get ready to get wet!

Rated 5/5

Guaranteed to get soaked on this ride, just what you need in the Florida sunshine! Me and my family went on this again and again because the lines were luckily quite small, just so much fun! This is great for a thrill action ride if you are not a massive fan of the big rollercoasters too.


You WILL get wet!

Rated 5/5

These rapids are wet and wild! There is NO chance of getting off of this fast, winding, twisting and turning ride dry so don't even try!


Prepare to get Drenched

Rated 5/5

If you love getting wet and who doesn't in Florida, this is the ride for you - guaranteed soaking! Fantastic!