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Cheetah Hunt

Rated 4/5

Immerse yourself in the realm of the cheetah, chasing its tail at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour on the multiple-launch coaster, Cheetah Hunt. This record breaking 3 ½ minute sprint over three quarters of a mile takes riders through an African inspired landscape – mimicking the speed, power and agility of this beautiful cat with super fast twists, turns and three accelerations – before plunging 37 meters into the abyss.

Height Requirement: You must be a minimum of 4ft tall to ride Cheetah Hunt.


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you will scream !

Rated 5/5

This is one scary ride .Its pretty fast too. I really liked the look of this rollercoaster so I decided to go on it and when I did I was really scared.


Amazing ride!

Rated 3/5

This is the best ride ever. Highly recommend it.


Cheetah Hunt

Rated 5/5

fabulous attraction from the ride to the live cheetahs - five star


Best Coaster I have been on!

Rated 5/5

I LOVE this roller coaster! It is excellent. The best I have been on. I would travel the 4,000 miles again just to go on Cheetah Hunt!



Rated 5/5

Such a fun ride!! Me and my Mum are not always massive fans of the huge drops in rollercoasters, and Cheetah Hunt is perfect for us! Its just super fast, twists and turns, and so so much fun. Also the cheetahs are amazing, we just cannot get enough of the animals. We watched the cheetahs being fed, and after about 40 pictures I managed to get a shot on camera of the cheetah running, such majestic animals!


Most Amazing!

Rated 4/5

The new Cheetah Hunt ride is completley amazing! I am from Orlando so I have been to all the parks and on all the rides and this ride is by far my new favorite! If you liked this ride, trust me, check out Sheikra!!


LOVE this new ride!

Rated 5/5

This ride is brilliant, Rode it for the first time in Sept 2012 and went straight back on again - twice. It's so smooth and super fast, couldn't take the grin off my face the whole way round!