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Walkabout Waters

Rated 5/5

15,000 square feet of unadulterated watery fun for kids! Slides, rides, water cannons, colour, excitement and adventure. This is a kids’ dreamland brought to life.


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walkabout, more like splashabout waters!!!

Rated 5/5

AMAZING! splashing good fun for kids of all ages, there is enough here to keep the kids happy all day, with climbing slides and water sprays in all directions. Water play at its very best


Walkabout Waters!

Rated 5/5

Awesome fun, my sister went off with my mum whilst me and my dad sat down enjoying the Florida sun! Great point in the previous review, if your kids don't like water in their face, be warned cause theres lots and lots of splashing! Impossible to get bored in Aquatica!


Great for kids

Rated 5/5

I don't think it would be possible to hear the words "I'm bored" in this area of the park. There is so much going on the fun never seems to end. One word of warning though is that you WILL get a lot of water in your face so if your children don't like that then beware!


Great for younger children

Rated 5/5

This is a great area for younger children and there's plenty to get involved in for them. A splashing time is guaranteed!